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Hydroponics How to

Lighting Glossary

Hydroponics Glossary

Botanicare Feed Chart

Hydroponic Tips to Help You Grow Big

Hydroponics Cloning Instructions

Proper Plant Conditions


Twenty Hydroponic Growing Tips to help you grow BIG

1. Keep your air temperature 10 - 15 degrees less at night (except in the clone & seed stage).

2. Flush plants every three weeks with a flush product (like Clearex) or water with 1/4 strength nutrients and and one of the following beneficial enzymes: Cannazym, Senizym or Hygrozyme.

3. No need to run CO2 when lights are off (nighttime). The plants make their own CO2.

4. If you run CO2, run the temperature at 76 - 80 degrees when the lights are on.

5. CO2 levels should be at 600 - 900 during the Vegetated stage. Clones: 300 - 500.

6. CO2 levels during the Flower stage should be at 1000 - 1500.

7. First watering should be when the lights first come on (morning).

8. Last watering should be 1-1/2 hours before the lights shut off (most mediums).

9. Change your nutrients every 7-10 days.

10. Always pour your nutrients in your reservoir one at a time so they mix slowly (Silicate first, then Cal-Mag, then nutrient and last your additives).

11. Always keep an air bubbler and air stone in your reservoir for oxygen and nutrient mixing.

12. Never water plants when the lights are off unless the plants look like they are wilting from no water (this is very rare except for straight Hydroton rock or Perlite).

13. If using R/O water, add Calcium/Magnesium/Iron supplement (PPM 125 - 175).

14. Spray your plants 1 hour before turning lights on (or when the leaves are dry).

15. Spray water temperature should be between 75 - 85 degrees (luke warm).

16. I recommend using Foliar Spray all thru the vegetative stage and during

the first 3 weeks of flower.

17. PH is how acidic or how alkaline your water or nutrients are. Hydro = 5.3 - 6.3 , Soil = 6.2 - 7.2

18. The following meters measure your nutrients/food levels. THIS METER IS A MUST. PPM (Parts Per Million) , TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) , EC (Electro Conductivity)

19. I highly recommend Microbial Inoculants like Nature's Solution Tea, Great White, ZHO or AquaShield.

20. Store all your nutrients in a cool and dark place.

21. If water temperature falls below 63 degrees, add a heater.

22. If water temperature rises above 76 degrees, add a water chiller.

23. "Water" is R/O water with approx. 125-200 PPM Cal-Mag.
      (City Water will work if water is filetered and the PPM is under 300 PPM)

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