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Gold Zone, Various Sizes


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Product Description

• Use from beginning of grow to the end of flower.
• Is your root zone fully optimized – it could be with Gold Range ZONE!
• Is your growth restricted by sub-optimal roots?
• Help your plants take up to 100% of the nutrients you feed them!
• Gold Range ZONE works with All synthetic nutrients & additives, in All systems and All mediums!

We all know that fast growing plants have a big demand for food and water but were you aware of the fact that if your root zone system is not fully optimized, then your plants might be missing out on the ability to uptake all that they need? Trusted around the world by countless growers, Gold Range ZONE ensures that your root system and environment are optimized to help your plants take up to 100% of what they need – all of the time! Forget the enzymes and forget the beneficial bacteria.

Gold Range ZONE has been specially formulated by Dutch Master’s Plant Physiology & Biochemistry scientists for use as a full time maintenance program outperforming everything in its class and is your frontline tool of choice for the ultimate root zone environment! Don’t leave your root zone in the hands of just any product. Choose the one trusted by thousands of growers worldwide. Choose Gold Range ZONE!

Gold Range ZONE is designed specifically for use with most growing media and its high performance action performs equally well in any grow system – truly universal! Try it today and see just how important your optimized root zone is when looking for that bumper crop!

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