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If you want healthy plants, high yields, and first-rate products, Bloom is for you. When used as part of our advanced three-part feeding program (along with Grow and Micro), Bloom will provide you with amazing results. Boasting higher quality than other hydroponics fertilizer, Bloom will help boost you to a high level of growing.

– Promotes high yield and superior quality
– Pharmaceutical grade precursors
– Highest quality chelators per micronutrient
– Nutrient absorption from a broader pH spectrum
– More concentrated, less-expensive formula

When using Bloom as part of our Grow Micro Bloom three-part system, we suggest a 1:1:1 feeding ratio. However, feel free to take advantage of the program’s flexibility by using a 1:2:3 Grow:Micro:Bloom ratio or a 3:2:1 Grow feeding program if that’s what you prefer. This flexibility is one of the great aspects of our three-part program, as it lets you experiment and adjust the system to meet your particular needs and preferences.

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