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For healthier plants, higher yields and easy mixing, choose Grow. A key component in our superior three-part fertilizer (Grow, Micro and Bloom), Grow is the most scientifically advanced product of its type.

– Promotes the fastest, healthiest plant growth possible
– Pharmaceutical-grade precursors
– Highest level of chelates per micronutrient
– Readily absorbed by the root system
– Concentrated formula: less expensive to use
– Harmless dye makes it easy to mix

When used with our three-part feeding program, we suggest a Grow:Micro:Bloom ratio of 1:1:1. Old-school growers may prefer a 3:2:1 feeding ratio. And for aggressive blooming, try a 1:2:3 ratio. That’s the beauty of our three-part system: it gives you complete flexibility, adapting to personal preferences and allowing easy experimentation.

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