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Iguana Juice Bloom


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Product Description

If you want incredible organic harvests of the highest class, Organic Iguana Juice Bloom is the product for you. This one-part liquid bloom nutrient is completely organic and provides quality, balanced nutrition. With its special formula of natural ingredients, Organic Iguana Juice Bloom enhances plant health and promotes budding and flowering. Organic Iguana Juice Bloom has been rigorously and tirelessly tested to ensure that it will provide you with the most impressive results possible.

– Promotes optimal fruiting sites
– Promotes a strong flowering response
– 100% organic
– Contains organic chelators
– Contains 76 different minerals
– Fully soluble in water

Before using Organic Iguana Juice Bloom, be sure to mix it well. Then simply mix 3.5 ml per liter of water and water the mixture into the soil where the Organic Iguana Juice Bloom will provide an immediate source of nutrition. That’s really all there is to it.

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