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FinaleBoost is an organo-mineral maturation and finishing booster. FinaleBoost is an essential component to finishing a crop with firm and high quality end product. It contains organic L-amino acids combined with natural potassium and sulfur. Potassium is needed in higher quantities toward the end of the blooming stage.

Potassium tends to combine with other minerals and become unavailable to plants. This results in deficiencies and mineral antagonism in the medium. By combining with organic L-amino acids, the potassium is buffered and protected from these mineral interactions. This ultimately means you can use far less fertilizer input and achieve the same or better results. Sulfur is an essential element in all plant cells, amino acids, and many flavors and quality compounds.

FinaleBoost is a better option than many combined P/K boosters because it allows the targeted application of potassium when and where the plant needs. Often when P and K are added in high quantities at the same time, one or the other remains unused in the medium. This can cause antagonism, chemical binding, and nutrient lockout.

FinaleBoost can be viewed as a finishing product that is used in the final stages of flowering. FinaleBoost is 100% soluble in water and doesn’t leave residue in reservoirs and irrigation systems.

Why Use FinaleBoost?

– Stimulates fruit and bud maturation
– Firmer and more nutritious end product
– Improves crop quality by increasing production of sugars and amino acids
– Minimizes antagonism and lockout of potassium with other nutrients
– Powerful stimulating effect on the blooming and finishing process
– 100% water soluble and organo-mineral leaving no residue

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