Grower’s Choice Ceramic Metal Hailde Horticultural Lighting Fixture


Grower’s Choice Horticultural Lighting Department has introduced its first digital Dual Lamps 630W Ceramic Metal Halide fixture GC-630NS.This newly redesigned fixture is boasting the famous Grower’s Choice Spectrum that was horticulturally engineered to replicate and harness the forceful
penetrating power of the sun. This is the perfect fixture for all your horticulture applications and is leading the industry with the most efficient dimmable ballast and an open-air reflector that utilizes a unique passively cooled design. The new GC-630NS offers ultimate control of spectral output with two horizontally placed lamps that allow the ability to mix spectrums for an optimal full phase broad spectrum that will let all your specialty flowering plants reach their maximum potential.

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Technical Specifications

Rated Main Voltage: 120 V 220 V 240 V
Input Current: 5.6A 3.0A 2.8A
Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power Factor: >0.97
THD: <10%
Required Lamp Voltage: 220V +/- 20V
Ignition Voltage: 3KV-5KV


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