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Mother Earth Tea Grow


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Product Description

For healthy plants and top-quality fruits and flowers, use Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Grow. This formula supplies plants with comprehensive nutrition and revitalizes both soils and crops. Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Grow is the best choice for your cherished plants and will enhance taste and fragrance for vastly superior products.

– Contains naturally derived bio-stimulants
– Provides reduced carbon and reduced nitrogen
– Contains readily available sources of Calcium
– Contains correct nutrient ratios
– Provides 80 phytochemicals
– Contains chitin

You can use Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Grow either as a stand-alone fertilizer or as a supplement to a base nutrient program. For stand-alone use, mix 7.5–15.0 ml of product per litre. When using Organic Super Tea Grow as a supplement, mix at a rate of 2.0–5.0 ml of product per every litre of water that you apply to the roots. For use as a foliar feed, mix at a rate of 1.0–2.0 ml per litre of water. As an extra precaution, please remember to strain Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Grow through cheesecloth when using injection systems or drip irrigation.

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