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Organic B



For sturdy, healthy plants, you need Organic-B. As the world’s first completely organic B vitamin supplement, this product provides strong nutritional support and boosts cellular metabolism. Containing three unique yeast extracts along with many other beneficial components such as lipids, free amino acids and cytokinins, Organic-B outshines synthetic B vitamin supplements in complexity, quality, and results. Used as a stand-alone product, Organic-B will invigorate your plants by delivering the nutrition that they need.

– Can be used in hydroponics and soil mediums
– Re-enforces intracellular metabolic activity
– Has a more stable shelf life than synthetic supplements
– Contains 7 different B vitamins
– 100% organic

Be sure to shake Organic-B well before use. When applying to soil or sphagnum moss mixes, mix 5 ml of product per litre of water or nutrient solution and use once per week. For hydroponics use, mix 5 ml of Organic-B into the nutrient reservoir at every feeding. Organic-B also works well as a foliar spray. To use it in this manner, simply mix 5-10 ml of product per litre of water and spray once every two weeks.

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