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Sun Gold – Industrial Strength All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser – 16 OZ


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Because Sun Gold is a concentrated cleaning solution, it was developed as an alternative for earth-polluting cleaning products. It is non abrasive, biodegradable, and non toxic. Sun Gold is truly an all purpose, all-surface multi-use, specialty formula. There are unlimited uses for this astounding product and you will find many we’ve collected for over three decades in the “Uses/directions” section.

Sun Gold is a unique, water-based cleaner that can safely be used to clean many surfaces, because there are no harsh chemicals, ammonias, or abrasives. Sun Gold leaves surfaces clean and film-free. After your first use, you’ll see that Sun Gold brings out the natural shine in stainless, steel, chrome, porcelain, bathroom tiles, and glass.

Use Sun Gold for home, office, or industry in such forms as spray bottles, carpet, machines or heavy degreasing equipment. Each pint equals 1-24 gallons.

IT’S WATER SOLUBLE, so use Sun Gold on:

Industry: Stainless Steel Hand Protection Rust
Machinery Floors Overspray Concrete
Tile Degreasing Equipment Plus Much More.
Ovens Bathrooms Linoleum Tiles
Walls Carpets Woodwork Formica Windows
Mirrors Concrete Fireplaces
Auto Trucks RVs Planes: Vinyl Leather
Plastics Chrome Upholstery Tar Engines
Rust Oxidation White Walls Fiberglass

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