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Voodoo Juice


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Product Description

A liquid suspension of five super-strains of beneficial bacteria, Voodoo Juice colonizes root systems and massively enhances plant growth. The most concentrated product of its kind, its microbes are ready to “hatch” and grow within your garden.

– Hyper-inoculates your garden
– Secretes growth-promoting hormones directly into the sap
– Fixes nitrogen from the air into an immediately useable form
– Increases root mass as much as 90%
– Super-concentrated: 50 billion microbes per litre
– Stable: Two-year shelf life
– 100% Organic

The microbes in Voodoo Juice inhabit soils naturally. But these select ones have evolved into “super-strains”. When these Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) work their root zone magic, plants respond with massive growth. Voodoo Juice is among our most popular products because it increases profits.
Depending on the stage of your garden, the first inoculation with Voodoo Juice should be between 4 – 10 ml per litre. The beneficial bacteria will colonize the entire garden. Top-ups may be helpful, but if the colonies are kept alive and growing, no further applications of are necessary.
Voodoo Juice is very potent on its own, but it perfectly complements the beneficial fungi found in Piranha. Voodoo Juice offers an alternative to our dry PGPR formulation, Tarantula, but these two products can be combined with Piranha to create the most diverse and potent PGPR populations possible.

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