One More Household Chore?



Not cleaning your plants can lead to a "pesky" infestation.


If you are anything like the average person, your list of housekeeping chores can seem endless. From bathrooms to bedrooms, mopping to vacuuming, keeping a clean and tidy house can be a full time job. So, you are probably not overly enthusiastic at the thought of adding plant washing to the already time-consuming list of chores. BUT, adding this task could be the task that saves your hydroponics garden.

Ignoring your plant washing duties can cause many problems for your hydroponics garden. One of the most common effects of leaf washing negligence is an infestation of spider mites. Spider mites are small bugs that will turn a thriving crop into a dry and dead one.  Spider mites flourish in warm and dry climates. Once they arrive they pierce single leaf cells of the plants and suck out the contents, causing the plant cells to collapse and die. Initially, spider mite infestations will cause speckled browning on the plants’ leaves and the undersides of the leaves may become yellow and crusty. But, as the infestation worsens the spider mites will remove most of the chlorophyll, which makes the leaves crumple, die and fall off.

A Spider mite infestation is an undesirable situation and can ruin the hard work you have put into creating a prosperous indoor garden. Therefore, it behooves all of us to keep these pesky mites away. One simple solution is to use a new and revolutionary spray: Mighty Wash. Mighty Wash is a ready-to-use proprietary formula and can get rid of spider mites in all stages of development, from eggs to adults. It may be used throughout the grow and flower cycle up to (including the day of harvest) Mighty Wash is truly the cleanest solution to your spider mite problem. With items like Mighty Wash, plant cleaning is now a quick and easy task on that long list of household chores.

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